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Elevating Women in Business

One of the ways I give back to our community is by leading a Leander Chamber Microgroup through our local Chamber of Commerce.

The Women in Business group is designed to foster discussions and support for women in leadership roles who are passionate about personal and professional growth, business success, and empowering other women.

Our members include women leaders from across industries: the non-profit space, coaching and wellness, event venues and commercial office design, branded merchandise, hospital systems, health insurance and virtual office administration, beverage sales and events, publishing and media, pet services, optical care, transportation, photography, and real estate. ⁠Sessions meet once a month for four months, and ⁠I love hearing the variety of experiences we all have, and the common themes in our stories, challenges, and priorities. ⁠

As we kicked off the season, the top 3 priorities for participants were:⁠
➡️ Finding new business & selling more products and services⁠
➡️ Marketing businesses more effectively⁠
➡️ Improving and automating processes ⁠
…All while doing All. The. Things. ⁠
And still finding time for ourselves, our loved ones, and the things we care passionately about.⁠

We have talked about time management, delegating tasks, automation tools, brand strategy, marketing to new audiences and customers, creating great customer experiences, and making a difference in our communities.

What about you? What’s on your list? ⁠And what tools or practices help you make the most of your time so you can focus on it? ⁠